3 Origami Books Kids Will Love (Age: 7 to 12)

3 Origami Books Kids Will Love (Age: 7 to 10)
This RobinAge staffer remembers owning an origami book, bought from a local book fair, that kept her endlessly entertained as a child. Little paper frogs and wolves dotted her desk and bedside table and urgent trips were made to the stationery store when the glazed paper squares that came with the book finally ran out.

Apart from being super fun, origami is known to activate the whole brain, helping kids improve skills like reading, processing, perception, problem-solving and concentration. Pick up one of these kits, which are perfect for boys and girls, and watch your child discover the wonderful world of origami!

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Origami Monsters by Isamu Asahi; Price: ~₹350

Origami Birds Fun Pack by Andrew Dewar (origami paper included); Price: ~₹520 

Origami Airplanes by Florence Temko; Price: ~₹520

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